About me

Basically, I like literature, I like reading and I’ve just found I like to write about literature… much more than talk about literature. So, I created this blog.

After ten years of children’s and young people’s literature in my mind, I think every day: what children read when they read? how do they see the illustrations? what is about Harry Potter that we love him so much? how do they know there are really good books and really bad books? do they realise of all tricks writers make in each page we read? (Of course they do).

So, I think and think and think. And because I don’t want to forget what I think, I write it.

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I am Carolina Ojeda. I work in La Fuente Foundation and also for Reading Promotion Diploma at Catholic University of Chile. I studied Literature and Spanish Pedagogy and I’m Master in Books and literature for Children and Young People by Autonomous University of Barcelona. Last winter I went to Cambridge where I research about Winnie The Pooh under Professor Maria Nikolajeva’s guide.

I read everyday, literature and theory; theory and literature, to continue thinking children’s and young people’s literature.